Supply restored for TANOVEA®-CA1

Dear Veterinary Professional,

I am pleased to inform you that we have normalized the supply of TANOVEA®-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection). While you are undoubtedly dealing with more pressing impacts to your practice from the recent coronavirus outbreak, we figured some good news might be welcome.

Following our communication in December, the VetDC and Elanco teams have worked diligently to manage our limited drug inventory and restore supply. With your help, we were able to avoid a stock-out and ensure that all existing TANOVEA-CA1 patients could complete their course of treatment.

As of today, our commercial partner, Elanco Animal Health, has lifted all supply restrictions and will resume taking orders for TANOVEA-CA1 patients per their normal ordering process.

If you have any questions or would like to resume ordering of TANOVEA-CA1, please do not hesitate to reach out to your Elanco sales representative or contact Elanco customer service at 1-800-782-8977. Also, the VetDC customer care team can be reached at 1-877-468-3832 or at to help address any other issues.

On behalf of all of us at VetDC and Elanco, I want to express gratitude for your patience, cooperation, and continued support of TANOVEA-CA1 during this challenging time.


Steven J. Roy
President & CEO
VetDC, Inc.