VDC-597 for Various Cancers

  • Discovered through cutting-edge advancements in human cancer treatment.
  • Orally available, dual-acting inhibitor of PI3K and mTOR proteins.
  • Currently being explored for multiple animal cancers.

Targeted Anti-Cancer Drug for Various Tumors

We are proud to announce the recent acquisition of VDC-597 (formerly PWT33597) from Pathway Therapeutics, Inc. VDC-597 is an orally available, dual-acting inhibitor of PI3K and mTOR proteins, both of which are implicated in many types of cancers, including sarcoma, lymphoma and solid tumors. Preclinical studies have demonstrated that blocking these proteins can inhibit cancer cell proliferation and cause apoptosis, or cancer cell death.

VDC-597 has excellent selectivity, with negligible activity against other protein kinases. In preclinical cancer models, VDC-597 achieved good distribution into tumors, robust target inhibition and excellent suppression of tumor growth. VDC-597 has promising oral drug properties and a safety profile in dogs that make it a highly attractive drug candidate for use as both a single agent and in combination therapy to treat a number of dog cancers.

Oral administration of VDC-597 has been evaluated in animal studies as well as in a phase I human clinical trial. VDC-597 demonstrated significant blood concentrations and bioactivity in both dogs and people at well-tolerated doses. These results suggest VDC-597 could be an important new therapeutic option for animals suffering from certain cancers, including osteosarcoma, hemangiosarcoma, lymphoma and solid tumors. As development of this drug progresses we intend to expand our study pipeline to include many of these animal cancers.