VetDC, Inc. Acquires North American Veterinary Rights to GS 9219 from Gilead Sciences

For Immediate Release

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Fort Collins – VetDC, Inc., today announced that the company has acquired from Gilead Sciences, Inc. an exclusive North American license to develop and commercialize Gilead’s investigational molecule, GS 9219, for use in animal cancer. GS 9219 is an anti-proliferative agent that preferentially targets lymphoid cells and works by inhibiting cellular DNA synthesis, leading to the induction of apoptosis, or programmed cell death.

“This deal demonstrates VetDC’s capabilities in partnering with leading biotechnology companies, like Gilead, to acquire novel technologies for development and commercialization in companion animal settings,” stated Steven J. Roy, President and CEO of VetDC. “The transaction with Gilead is a major milestone in our ongoing efforts to license innovative products and intellectual properties that will advance veterinary medicine.”

An intravenous version of GS 9219 was evaluated for the treatment of canine lymphoma in a recently completed animal study. GS 9219 was well tolerated and demonstrated significant activity against spontaneous non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in pet dog subjects (n=38). These results suggest GS 9219 could be an important new therapeutic option for animals suffering from lymphoma.

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VetDC, Inc., a Colorado State University startup headquartered in Fort Collins, Colorado, is a product development company focused on in-licensing, developing and commercializing novel biotechnologies to address serious unmet medical needs in companion animals.