TANOVEA-CA1 Canine Lymphoma Treatment Delivers Excellent Results for Stella


Earlier this year, the team at NorthStar VETS in New Jersey shared the story of Stella in a guest post to the VetDC blog. Stella had been diagnosed with canine lymphoma in March 2017. She nearly completed two cycles of conventional chemotherapy when the cancer once again began to progress.

Looking for another way to address the disease, Jennifer Kim, DVM, DACVIM (Oncology) decided to try a protocol using TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection), the first FDA conditionally approved drug for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. One week after Stella received treatment, her cancer was in remission with no reported side effects.



An Optimistic Outlook Following TANOVEA-CA1 Treatment

Given the rapid return of Stella’s cancer following her initial response to conventional chemotherapy treatment, her owners were wondering if they would see the same outcome with TANOVEA-CA1. We are pleased to report that NorthStar VETS recently contacted us to say that Stella continues to be happy, healthy and full of energy following her course of TANOVEA-CA1 treatment.

While there is no guarantee that all dogs will have the same experience as Stella, her case is another example of the potential for positive results through the use of this novel cancer-fighting drug, which:

  • Accumulates in rapidly dividing lymphoma cells and kills them
  • Produced a 77% overall response rate in clinical testing
  • Has demonstrated responses both in dogs new to treatment and those who are not responding to conventional chemotherapy
  • Is administered in one dose every three weeks for a total of only five treatment visits

To learn more about TANOVEA-CA1, visit www.vet-dc.com/tanovea or talk with your veterinarian.


Important Safety Information: TANOVEA®-CA1 is indicated for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. In clinical trials, the most frequently reported adverse reactions included decreased white blood cell count, diarrhea, vomiting, decreased or loss of appetite, weight loss, decreased activity level, and skin problems. Serious and sometimes fatal respiratory complications, including pulmonary fibrosis have occurred in dogs treated with TANOVEA-CA1. Do not use in West Highland White Terriers and use with caution in other terrier breeds. Owners should take extra care when handling and cleaning up after their dog for five days after treatment. Please see the package insert for full prescribing information, warnings and precautions.


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