Scientific American shares the “Good News for Dogs with Cancer”

There was a time when the only action that could be taken by veterinarians and owners when a dog was diagnosed with cancer was to “make them comfortable” as the disease ran its course and ultimately shortened the pet’s life. Fortunately for all of us who love dogs, we live in a time of tremendous advances in our understanding of canine cancers and our ability to treat them effectively.

Golden Dog with Ball

A recent article in Scientific American shares the “Good News for Dogs with Cancer,” and mentions TANOVEA-CA1, the first FDA conditionally approved drug for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs. While cancer is still a common disease in dogs, the future of cancer treatment and prevention is bright, and VetDC is proud to be on the leading edge of canine cancer research.


  1. my dog is suffering from lymphoma b-cell, he is only 1year and 8 months st. bernard male dog. he now into his chemotheraphy, and his weight dropped 10 kg. for only one month.. we are leaving here in japan.

    • Hello Mari – Please check your email for a reply to your post.

  2. My dog died of lymphoma and my vet didn’t tell me about Tonovea-CA1

  3. my dog has cancer she’s my service animal I’m on ssdi no money