New Hope For Family’s Dog Thanks To Clinical Trial

By Britt Moreno

FORT COLLINS, Colo. (CBS4) – “He’s only nine years and he is not old enough to call it quits,” says dog mom Christine Loeffler.

Her dog is Dane, a handsome, bright eyed pup known for his vigorous tail wagging and gentle manner. The family was given bad news when a round of radiation was not slowing his cancer.

They were losing hope until a new clinical trial at CSU offered them a life-saving option. This trial would offer Dane the most aggressive way to tackle his cancer in the fastest way possible.

Dane’s CSU veterinarian Kristen Weisharr says Dan has Myloma cancer and it was not responding well to radiation.

This clinical trial offers five rounds of chemotherapy in combination with a drug called Tanovea which was initially created for humans.

Dane is now on his fifth and final round of the chemo.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“He is responding great,” said Loeffler.

Dane is eating and drinking, which is a good sign.

During his chemo treatment Dane likes petting, and doctors say he wags his tail the entire time.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

“He has the same zest for life. Loves walks, loves his family, he gets up and wags his tail and he’s just an all-around happy guy,” Loeffler said.

Dane’s veterinarian says the drug Tanovea will be submitted to the FDA for approval. It will be commercially recommended and licensed for dogs with lymphoma.

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Get more information about the CSU clinical trial at

Learn more about VetDC, the CSU-related startup.


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  3. I really need Tanovea for my Boston. He is currently doing the Madison Wisconsin treatment with average results. My oncologist wants to put him on it and we need it sooner than later before we lose the battle, please.

  4. Good article. very helpful blog post. Thank you very much

  5. Do you have a better idea as to when it’s going to be available through a VetDC provider in Florida? My dog has relapsed on prior therapy and he’s almost out of time.

    • Hi Danny –
      Sorry to hear about your pup. We are awaiting our license to sell Tanovea-CA1 in Florida. Please keep an eye on our website for updates once we are available there.

      Best wishes,

  6. Dane looks a real cutie.. 🙂
    How long ago was hisTanovea treatment?and what side effects if any did he experience? My dog is quite old although certainly not infirm.. I’m hesitating putting him through Chemo but if Tanovea will not impact on his healthy quality of life so much then i would definitely go for it…
    Hope Dane is still with us and well.. 🙂
    Will wait eagerly for your reply.
    Many thanks

    • Hi Tony –
      Tanovea-CA1 dosing is once every three weeks for up to five doses, for a total of 15 weeks. I would encourage you to review our prescribing information at for a list of side effects, warnings and precautions. Best of luck in your decision.

      Kind regards,

  7. Good article. very helpful blog post. Thank you very much