GUEST POST: NorthStar VETS Uses TANOVEA-CA1 for Canine Lymphoma Patients

TANOVEA-CA1 canine lymphoma treatment

NorthStar VETS, New Jersey – NorthStar VETS recently began using TANOVEA-CA1 in the treatment of 8-year-old Stella. Stella was diagnosed with lymphoma in March 2017. She nearly completed two cycles of CHOP chemotherapy when her disease progressed. In April 2018 she was started on TANOVEA-CA1. This is the first FDA conditionnaly approved drug (chemotherapy) for canine lymphoma. One week after treatment, Stella was in remission with no side effects. She received her second dose of TANOVEA-CA1 April 10 and is doing great!

NorthStar VETS is proud to offer the first treatment approved for Canine Lymphoma. TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosidine) is a classic chemotherapy in a class of drugs not in our typical protocols. It is unique in that it accumulates in lymphocytes, the cell from which this cancer comes, and stops the cells from dividing by inhibiting DNA synthesis. This drug is given intravenously over 30 minutes every three weeks for up to five treatments. Patients typically do not have to be sedated for treatment.

To read more about NorthStar VETS’s use of TANOVEA-CA1, click here.



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