Elanco Announces Agreements with Aratana Therapeutics and VetDC, Creates Specialty Veterinary Business Focus

Elanco Animal Health (NYSE: ELAN) today announced it has signed an agreement to acquire Aratana Therapeutics (NASDAQ: PETX), a pet therapeutics company focused on developing and commercializing innovative therapeutics for dogs and cats, and developer of the first-of-its-kind canine NSAID for osteoarthritis, Galliprant®. Elanco has also signed a development and commercialization agreement with VetDC for Tanovea®-CA1, the first U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) conditionally approved canine lymphoma treatment.

In conjunction with these agreements, Elanco also announced the formation of a commercial team dedicated to the veterinary specialty business focused on bringing new and innovative products to the growing veterinary specialty category. If the transaction is approved, the Aratana field force would transition into this commercial team.


TANOVEA®-CA1 is now distributed by Elanco Animal Health.
Call 1.800.782.8977 or email elancovet@elanco.com to order today!


Read the full release: https://vet-dc.com/elanco-announces-agreement-to-acquire-aratana-therapeutics/

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  1. My Bichon Frise (10 year old female) and a beautiful fluffy cloud of love has just started her treatment with Taovea-CA1. She did not respond well to two previous chemo treatments. So I am keeping my fingers crossed. Will keep you updated (UK based)