Why You Should Go On a Solo Road Trip With Your Dog

image of dog in a car

Have you ever taken your animals on a solo road trip? We love this idea, especially with dogs that may be going through lymphoma treatments.

Dogs love adventure and they also love soaking up time with you. What’s better than planning a trip specifically focused on spending quality time with you and your furry friend?

YourDogAdvisor.com recommends if you haven’t gone on a solo road trip with your dog, you should do it as soon as you can. Learn about their experience and tips here.

Tell us, have you ever taken your dog on a solo trip – what were the circumstances and where did you travel to? Share your story in the comments below!


  1. Nice article!! I love street animals , because they are helpless and people have to taking care of them.
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. keep inspiring us.


  3. very nice content. Thank you for share.

  4. Artigo muito esclarecedor, fazer uma viajem com meu cão se tornou mais simples.

  5. My lil Kewe is a pb with saliva cancer. In August I took her twice to s Vet and had her blood work done where her white blood cells look great and body after blood work. They said she was being bullied! I took her to another Vet in September where he did biopsy and said no it was clear a week later she had lump on jaw then he took another biopsy and said she had cancer! I take her every day with me and she loves it, although she is 9 she still acts like a ,4 yr old playing with family and friends dogs, she is still trying to make every second count and so am I, too old For chemo, so I will make her comfortable and enjoy her every day that we go for our Solo rides!!!

    • Hello Barbara –

      I’m so sorry to hear about what you and Kewe are going through. She is so lucky to have you and to be so loved. I hope that you are able to enjoy many more solo rides with her.