The Powerful Human-Animal Bond and How It Impacts Veterinary Care Choices

The bonds between dogs and their owners are powerful, and often, mutually beneficial. Even individuals who struggle to get along with other humans can experience intense connections with their dogs. The strength of these connections often determines how well a particular dog is cared for at home, as well as how a pet owner arrives at important decisions regarding veterinary care for serious medical conditions, like pet cancer.

The Emotional and Physical Impacts of Human-Animal Bonds
An ever-growing body of research indicates that humans with pets experience significant improvements in overall well-being. In addition to providing an excellent form of stress relief and relief from social isolation, pets can have an immediate impact on an individual’s physical health. Merely petting a cat or a dog for a few minutes has been shown to lower an individual’s heart rate and blood pressure.

Animal Bonding and Frequency of Veterinary Visits
A close bond with a pet can prove incredibly beneficial – not only for humans, but for animals as well. According to a study from Portland’s BNResearch, those who experience close bonds with their pets are far more likely to visit their veterinarian on a regular basis. Additionally, these pet owners are more likely to follow the recommendations of their veterinarians. Ultimately, abiding by such recommendations allows pet owners to stave off a wide array of problematic animal health conditions.

How Close Ties Impact Emergency Animal Care
Despite attending carefully to their pets’ needs, owners may eventually be forced to seek specialty veterinary care. Those who have established close bonds with their pets are more likely to quickly detect problematic symptoms and seek immediate care. Through early detection and prompt treatment, the life of a pet can be significantly extended. Furthermore, dog owners who have established close ties with their veterinarian are more likely to abide by veterinarian recommendations in the event of serious medical conditions, such as cancer. This is particularly important in the case of choosing the most appropriate pet cancer treatments to ensure that a dog with cancer can live longer and/or more comfortably. Fortunately, in cities like Fort Collins which is home to the Flint Animal Cancer Center, owners have access to some of the most advanced pet cancer facilities and treatments in the country.

Many scientific studies have concluded that dogs have positive physical and mental impacts on their humans, which often result in very strong human-animal bonds. Such emotional ties are vital for the overall health of dogs, as closely-bonded owners are more likely to invest in proper veterinary visits and specialty care. The result is continued health and well-being for both dogs and their owners.