TANOVEA®-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection): Treating Your Dog’s Cancer

(rabacfosadine for injection): Cancer Treatment for Dogs
According to WebMD, cancer is the leading cause of death in dogs over the age of 10 and at least half of dogs over the age of 10 will develop cancer at some point. The most common form of cancer in dogs is lymphoma, which is a tumor of the lymph nodes. This is why we decided to develop TANOVEA®-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection), the first FDA conditionally approved cancer treatment for dogs with lymphoma.

We are excited to provide access to better cancer treatment for families whose dogs suffer from lymphoma. Our dog cancer treatment is a novel, small molecule drug that is specifically designed to target and attack cancer cells implicated in lymphoma.

Doug Thamm, head of clinical development for VetDC claims, “There are many treatments for lymphoma that are currently available for dogs, but almost all of them are repurposed old human cancer drugs,” Thamm explained. “The drugs can be quite effective, but many companion animals need other options for recurring cancer.”

TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection) is designed to target and kill lymphoma cells, is easy to administer and generally well-tolerated in clinical studies. In clinical studies there was a 77% overall response rate, and 134 day overall median progression-free survival time in responding dogs.
TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection) treatment cuts down on doctor visits so that you can spend more time with your pet. Only one dose every three week and a max of five doses. This is just one of the benefits you may see when you choose TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection). Learn more about: TANOVEA-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection) cancer treatment for dogs.

This treatment is currently undergoing clinical trials and will be available to veterinarians nationwide in the spring of 2017.