Gift Tips for the Furriest on Your List

Holiday Gifts for PetsHave your started your holiday shopping yet? Don’t forget your companion animals while you’re out and about purchasing gifts!

In a society where spending on pets is estimated to reach $58.5 billion this year, we can expect a large portion of the money to be spent on companion animals during the holidays. According to a survey conducted by the National Retail Federation in October of this year, as many as 44% of consumers plan to buy gifts for their companion animals this holiday season. On top of that, respondents expected to spend around $30 on each of their pets. No matter what your budget, here are some tips for giving your pets a fun and safe holiday:

Things to avoid
Toys are essential in fighting your pet’s boredom – just make sure that they’re free of anything that could harm your pet:

  • Make sure that your pet’s toys are appropriate for an animal of their size. Avoid anything that has a string, ribbon, or small pieces that would be easy for your pet to break off and swallow. If they have toys with any materials that could be harmful, take steps to remove those materials, or replace those toys with something better for them.
  • Check any toys that you choose for toxic materials. Many times, toys have adhesives that could make your pet sick if ingested.
  • Dogs love toys with squeakers, but they may feel the need to find the squeaker in the toy. If your dog is destructive and likes to eat things, make sure to supervise them while playing with these types of toys.
  • If your dog loves rawhide, be sure to check with your veterinarian to see what brands are safe. They may pose a choking hazard, so be sure to supervise with these toys too.

The best toys for your pet


  • Hard rubber toys
  • Educational toys that keep dogs entertained
  • Squeaky toys, ropes with ends knotted, and
    ball are good gifts but should be used
    with supervision

  • Round, plastic shower curtain rings
  • Stuffed animals the same size as your cat
  • Plastic balls
  • Ping-Pong balls
  • Plastic practice golf balls
  • Toys filled with catnip

For more ideas on great (and maybe silly) toys to give your companion animal this holiday season, check out these great sources.

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