6 Powerful Health Benefits of Dog Ownership

Dog running

Unfortunately, cancer in dogs is all too common – there is a good chance that you or someone close to you has been impacted directly by canine cancer. And while it can be a challenging time, dog owners can take comfort knowing that new cancer treatments are becoming available, such as TANOVEA™-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection) for the treatment of dog lymphoma. Why do people often go the extra mile for their dogs with serious medical illnesses such as cancer? It’s that unconditional love and companionship you get from your best friend. In fact, researchers point out that you derive a whole host of health benefits from being a pet owner.  So while you are protecting your beloved dog with appropriate care, he/she may actually be protecting you!

A Truly Synergistic Relationship

Your dog counts on you for food, water, exercise, and medical care. What do you get in return? Quite a bit! Studies have shown that owning a dog helps you:

  • Stay active and fit. How many times have you plopped down on the couch after a long day, planning to spend most of the evening there, but been persuaded by your pooch to go for a walk? While you may grumble as you grab the leash and head for the door, you probably feel better when you return. And there’s no question the exercise has done you both some good.
  • Reduce your stress level. Spending even a few minutes petting and interacting with a dog can help decrease your blood pressure, lower anxiety, and increase the level of neurochemicals like dopamine and serotonin that are responsible for feelings of calmness and well-being. In fact, therapy dogs are now being used in some work settings to help people “decompress” during their work day.
  • Connect with others. There’s nothing like having a happy dog out for a walk to help break the ice with someone you encounter on the street. And it’s not uncommon for those encounters to spawn friendships over time. But even if it’s just a friendly wave from that person who always seems to be on your walking schedule, it can lift your spirits and help you feel more a part of your community. And if your dog becomes sick or you meet others dealing with cancer in dogs, that bond can be even more meaningful.
  • Add purpose to your life. So many of the things we do on a regular basis don’t provide much in the way of positive feedback. But almost everything you do for your dog — from feeding to grooming to walking — elicits a tail wag or a bark of appreciation.
  • Fight depression. For some people, interacting with a dog does more than just put a fleeting smile on their face. It can actually help produce lasting improvement in mood and outlook, and actually reduce the risk and/or severity of depression.
  • Avoid heart disease. The American Heart Association is on record as saying that owning a dog may protect you from heart disease. While you don’t want to buy a dog for that reason alone, if you are a dog lover, you may be receiving this protection as an added benefit of pet ownership.

Caring for the Dogs that Care About Us

Given all our dogs do for us, it’s understandable that we want to do everything we can to help them when they become ill, particularly when dealing with serious medical issues such as cancer in dogs.  It can be comforting to know that exciting new advancements are now available, such as TANOVEA™-CA1 (rabacfosadine for injection) for the treatment of lymphoma in dogs.  If your pet has been diagnosed with lymphoma, your veterinarian can talk with you about the right course of action.

  1. I would like to know if this medication is only good for lymphoma cancer. My dog have soft tissue sarcoma in his front leg Can u pls let me know if he can use this.

    • Thank you for your inquiry about TANOVEA-CA1. I’m sorry to hear that your dog has soft tissue sarcoma. TANOVEA-CA1 is only used to treat lymphoma, so would not be an option for your dog’s treatment, I’m very sorry.

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