Veterinary medicine, such as cancer treatment for dogs, is often derived from human medicine, yet in spite of significant advancements to treat human cancers in recent years, only a handful of breakthrough veterinary products have been developed and approved for animal cancers.

Cancer Treatment For Dogs

Working closely with Colorado State University’s top-ranked Flint Animal Cancer Center, VetDC was established to identify and evaluate novel anti-cancer therapies and advance them rapidly in pets. VetDC is focusing on innovative, cutting-edge programs that were initially designed for humans, but were subsequently found to demonstrate promising benefits in companion animals. Through this unique ‘reverse-engineering’ approach to innovating animal therapeutics, VetDC is rapidly advancing its anti-cancer programs to benefit the veterinary community.

Cancer can be both overwhelming and frightening.

When it comes to cancer, we believe your pet deserves access to the most advanced, scientifically rigorous treatments available today. VetDC is committed to bringing novel therapies to the veterinary community, giving veterinarians, pet owners and their beloved family members new options and hope for cancer treatment for dogs.